Scotland Revealed – Episode 1


Many people absolutely dread long haul flights as they know that they will probalby reach their destination tired, cramped and cranky. This need not be the case however. The purpose of this article is to share some basic travel tips to help you minimise the impact of hours on a plane on your system.

Series celebrating Scotland’s stunning landscape and landmarks from the air. In this first episode, presenter Vanessa Collingridge starts her journey.
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Filmed in China, Russia and at the Googleplex, Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters, this documentary reveals the corporation’s philosophy.
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Anchorman Mocks Kardashians News Blooper

Get to the airport early: Nothing is as stressful as having to race through immigration and security knowing that there is a possibility that you can get offloaded. The stress and agitation from running around the airport can easily turn you into a ball of nerves when (if?) you finally make it onto the plane. Make sure that you avoid situations like this by budgeting more than enough time for your trip to the airport.

Anchorman news blooper! Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian get mocked! Anchor mocking the Kardashian sisters after doing a satellite interview with them.
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Everytime I get in the locker room in P.E, the dudes next to me always say really funny things. I’ll put new jokes on every time i hear a good joke.
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Tips For Stress-Free Air Travel

Get the best seats possible: Study the configuration of the aircraft you will be travelling on before you travel (there are several websites where you can do this). It may be that there are certain seats with more legroom that you can request when checking in or that you can even reserve online.

Traveling by air comes with its own challenges and is often stressful. Your goal is to experience stress-free air travel. You are allowed a carry-on bag.

Concorde Crash Documentary – Air Crash Investigations

This was documentary produced by National Geographic and published under the Air Crash Investigation Series on the Concorde.

Avoid dehydration: If you do want to drink: drink water! The inside of a plane is very dry due to the air being re-circulated. You can guard against the effects of this by drinking water at every opportunity.

Air Travel Tips For The Holidays

Tips To Help You Move Faster Through Airport Lines.

Invest in some noise cancelling headphones: I recently bought a good pair of noise cancelling headphones and I can’t think how I ever flew without them. The technology used does not only enhance the sound quality of whatever you are listening to, but also actively filters out other sounds. The difference that having your own ‘sound bubble’ on long haul flights can make to your state of mind is absolutely phenomenal.